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Don’t Let a Slip Trip You Up – making a plan, avoiding a lapse

Here is how to save the situation if worries about health, families or finances because of Coronavirus lead you into a lapse, when really you are committing yourself to not drinking, using or gambling. You’ve been doing well – dealing with temptations, knowing your triggers and avoiding situations where you feel vulnerable. But very few […]

Re-framing your thoughts during self-isolation

Isolation can be a difficult time because of the reduced level of contact with other people.  It can also be boring, lonely and anxiety provoking. In order to tackle difficult thoughts and feelings, you can try to re-frame these thoughts and to adopt a different approach. Thought/Feeling Mindset Shift I’m stuck at home I get […]


Statistics on workplace substance misuse

Did you know? £7.3 billion loss to UK businesses due to alcohol-related sickness and loss of productivity Up to 17 million working days are lost each year because of alcohol-related sickness £1.4 billion loss due to drug misuse Institute of Alcohol Studies 37% of employees have admitted to taking alcohol or drugs to help deal […]