Our approach


For the individual

We meet with customers to explore issues and work through the services that we can offer.

Once you have decided to work with Aquarius Life, we will meet with you to develop a plan that meets your needs. This can include our policy and strategy work, training and awareness campaigns and 1:1/group support.

You will have the opportunity to share in more detail information about the need for the service; for example, the current caseload presenting signs of mental ill health, alcohol, drug and gambling problems and the measurable and perceived impact this is having.

For businesses and education providers

For businesses, this may be related to time being taken off work, or management time spent dealing with issues. For education providers, this may be discussion around the psychological health and wellbeing challenges presenting in staff and students.
We will hold a confirmation meeting with you to discuss details of packages, including the curriculum of training, awareness and launch days. Following this we will put together and sign a Service Level Agreement.

Once this is in place, we deliver an initial assessment of needs with the relevant team, for example the Leadership Team, Occupational Health team, HR team, or other management. This allows us to ascertain caseload and map out a provisional delivery plan.

40 year’s experience

Our 40 years’ experience as a charity have developed a strong foundation for our support sessions. To start, we focus on a particular psychological concept or issue and then develop an understanding around identifying and responding in an appropriate way. We emphasise understanding issues (e.g. anxiety), identifying triggers and formulating appropriate adaptive behaviours.

37% of employees have admitted to taking alcohol or drugs to help deal with stress or pressure

Institute of Alcohol Studies

The way forward

All of the above happens alongside managed specialist mental health disorder referrals with strong connections in local services. We use a Stepped Care approach which allows us to use the appropriate level of intensity and to refer where necessary.

“It has been difficult, but it has driven me to change some destructive habits, to motivate myself in different ways through learning distraction techniques and setting myself targets. I think this will always be a battle for me but I know now I can get help when I need it. I have recently passed a drug and alcohol test at work and am very proud of what I have achieved.”

Manufacturing Clients from manufacturing sector company, 2018-2019, Coventry