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Who are ‘aquarius life’

Aquarius Life is delivered by Aquarius, a Midlands-based charity with over forty years’ experience helping people overcome the harms caused by mental ill health, alcohol, drugs and gambling.

At Aquarius, we share the vision that individuals, families and communities should have the opportunity to lead full and empowered lives free from the negative influences of alcohol, drugs and gambling.

From the moment we were established in 1977 as part of a Birmingham University research project, we’ve been working to find solutions that work in people’s real lives. We’ve been growing ever since and expanding across the Midlands. We are constantly developing innovative and effective ways to support people, and ensuring that everyone who is affected by alcohol, drugs and gambling can get the support they need.

Our mission is to support people to overcome the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling by providing responsive and effective services.

Our focus is on helping people understand their behaviours, and finding alternative ways to cope. Our work has always been based on the idea that drinking, drug use, or gambling is an act that someone does to gain, avoid or escape certain things. Behaviour is learned and maintained in the context of each person’s whole life – this means their family, employment, housing, biology, cultural background and other personal and social challenges. We believe that you can resolve your problems with the right support and guidance.

Aquarius has always held the view that people have the ability to find their own solutions to their problems. Our services are underpinned by cognitive behavioural approaches and methodologies. Our support focuses on enabling people to understand and change their behaviour and thought processes, and ultimately achieve their recovery goals.

Aquarius Life strives to help people overcome physical, emotional and psychological issues caused by mental ill health, alcohol, drugs and gambling. We provide tailored packages of support to individuals, families, organisations and communities.

We help employers create a positive culture of wellbeing in the workplace and provide support to managers and leadership and their employees.

We give education providers immediate access to a multi-disciplinary team, which can develop tailored solutions to improve the psychological health and wellbeing of pupils and staff.

Evidence based support

We have a long history of delivering innovative, evidence-based, responsive services to communities across the Midlands.

That’s why we launched Aquarius Life to meet the wellbeing support needs of businesses and education providers.

Since being established in 1977 to run three residential services as part of a Birmingham University research project, we have continued to build on evidence-based practice and provide effective, tailored support.

Find out more about our range of services we deliver across the Midlands through Aquarius.


Part of something more

Aquarius is a founding partner of Recovery Focus, an expert group of charities inspiring recovery together in the fields of mental health, drug, alcohol and gambling support, and domestic violence.

As a charity, all profits made by Aquarius Life go directly back into Aquarius’ charitable services, allowing us to support more people on their recovery journeys.


Our support

We help employers create a positive culture of wellbeing in the workplace and provide support to managers and leadership and their employees.

We give education providers immediate access to a multi-disciplinary team, which can develop tailored solutions to improve the psychological health and wellbeing of pupils and staff.

Aquarius Life is an affordable service and there are no waiting lists or needs thresholds. The profits from Aquarius Life are invested in other work across Aquarius.

help employers

Policy support

We write and implement alcohol, drug and health and wellbeing strategies and policies.

Training delivery

We deliver skills training and awareness programmes.

1:1 and group support

We provide on and off site 1:1 and group psychological support.

“The service provided invaluable support to me at a low point in my life and through valuable support enabled me to make a full, total recovery and also gave me the tools to help others.  The substance misuse service saves lives and without doubt should continue to do so. Many thanks to Aquarius and all at Occupational Health”

Ops DirectorBirmingham Associates