What we do


Workplace assessments and policy development

We write and implement alcohol, drug and health and wellbeing strategies and policies

Awareness, Education and Skills Training

We deliver campaigns, skills training and awareness programmes

Employee support

We provide on and off site 1:1 and group psychological support

What we do

We use policy implementation, training, and support sessions to ensure that people receive the support that they need, when they need it.

Our services are quick and hassle-free to implement and represent a low-cost, high impact return.

Our account management team will collaborate with; management and leadership, Human Resources, Occupational Health, Trade Unions, general employees and others to come up with a clear plan to reduce risk and improve output in your workplace.

  • We invest our income in our existing services to support your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.
  • We are committed to providing a strong return on investment.
  • We offer affordable pricing and a range options for all types of businesses.
  • We are committed to a great customer experience for your business.

Our services

Our services can;

  • Reduce workplace stigma relating to target areas and increase willingness to disclose challenges.
  • Reduce unplanned absenteeism due to ease of access to support and interventions.
  • Improve staff retention.
  • Improve employee performance.
  • Reduce supervision/management time spent addressing issues.
  • Provide specialist guidance to managers for having difficult conversations.
  • Provide specialist support to existing Occupational Health and HR teams.
  • Increase workplace wellbeing and Health & Safety awareness.
  • Improve employer confidence by providing visible employee support and assistance.
  • Reduce incidents/accidents resulting in associated insurance benefits.
  • Improve motivation of staff.
  • Improve support for family members of people experiencing challenges.