Our successes


Reflections from SLPE about Resilience; Coping skills for wellbeing workshop 2022

“I couldn’t recommend it highly enough; every company should provide something like this for their employees. The workshop facilitator was extremely knowledgeable and engaging and despite it being done over teams, he built a real rapport with everyone on the call through his compassionate and empathetic communication. The course content was well laid out and easy to follow, it was also excellently supplemented with useful information related to mental health support options. Aquarius were a pleasure to deal with from the initial phone call all the way through to receiving a (great value) invoice.”

Associate Director, SLPE

Reflections from NatWest 2022

“We were looking to break the stigma of addiction and open up to talk about such an incredibly common issue instead of letting people dealing it suffer in silence and shame.

We had great feedback from range of colleagues across the bank who were so glad we were discussing what is still a taboo subject. Even if they were not affected themselves, giving them the tools to spot signs, start the conversation etc was a really valuable takeaway for them in supporting their staff/colleagues.

I fully recommend these workshops to all businesses. Aquarius not only made the training engaging, accessible and interactive but also provided excellent recommendations in follow up support and we very much look forward to working with them again in the future. What really shines through with Aquarius also is their passion for what they do and the staff really reflect that with the sensitivity and authentic nature they deliver the training in.”

Manager, NatWest

Employees for Recovery Focus

We delivered throughout December for a large group of Mental Health Charities. We trained over 150 people (10% of their workforce) who rated the course with over 90% satisfaction scores (rating each learning objective completion on average at over 4.5/5 using Kirkpatrick’s Reaction Evaluation metric).

Our delegates said;

“Understanding the role of curiosity and engaging with stresses in a exploratory way should really help with any situations. I currently suffer with stress and anxiety and this will help a lot.”

“Thank you. The course was very interesting, and to have it as a session with colleagues – creates a space of peer support and that we are all human with personal struggles!”

Operations Manager, Pilkington, part of NSG Group, 2018 and 2019

“The Aquarius Life training service was fantastic; it provided the staff with a good insight into their own mental health and provided them with the support to identify ways of improving wellbeing and leading a balanced life.”

Clients from manufacturing sector company, 2018-2019, Coventry

“It has been difficult, but it has driven me to change some destructive habits, to motivate myself in different ways through learning distraction techniques and setting myself targets. I think this will always be a battle for me but I know now I can get help when I need it. I have recently passed a drug and alcohol test at work and am very proud of what I have achieved.”

Clients from automotive sector company, 2014-present, across all UK sites

“I feel very grateful and very fortunate that this service was available in-house”

“I would like to thank Aquarius for their help through this period.  It has been of great assistance”

“I received excellent guidance, encouragement and support through my treatment.  I would not hesitate to refer my work colleagues to this service when or if they are in need”

“Brilliant service – saved my life”

“This service has helped me a lot with my substance abuse and I would definitely recommend to a mate if they needed it”

“Felt very motivated to change parts of lifestyle”

“The service provided invaluable support to me at a low point in my life and through valuable support enabled me to make a full, total recovery and also gave me the tools to help others.  The substance misuse service saves lives and without doubt should continue to do so. Many thanks to Aquarius and all at Occupational Health”

“Very helpful to me personally, feel much better and far more pro-active since starting sessions”

“Very impressed and very thankful to my practitioner.  Genuinely don’t know where or what state I would be in without her! Complete turn around in life, thanks again”

Clients from manufacturing sector company, 2019-present, Telford

“Aquarius have taught me so much about myself and how to help myself – strongly recommend”

“I feel very motivated by my meetings and feel that it has helped with my recovery”

“Very friendly and respectful, really helped me to improve my drinking habits”

From our 360 anonymous surveys our clients told us

100% of clients strongly agreed that the rehabilitation programme and confidentiality/information sharing policies were explained clearly at the start of treatment.

100% of clients told us it was easy to access the service after referral.

100% of clients would recommend this service to their colleagues

100% felt motivated and encouraged by their practitioner to make positive changes.

Protolabs - working with Aquarius

With the help of Aquarius, Protolabs is committed to providing a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health and wellbeing of all its employees. Aquarius support us with a number of employee wellbeing initiatives such as Smoking Cessation and Stress, Change and Resilience training.  All of the team there are really supportive, offering a bespoke package for groups and 1-to-1 sessions that work really well across the business. They quickly come up with great ideas as to how to support our workforce and everything is made very easy – I have worked with them for a number of years and I would definitely recommend their services to any business seeking simple but effective support for their employees.

Karen Adams, HR Manager at Protolabs

Academic school year survey

In a 2019 academic school year survey, twelve students with moderate to severe anxiety who attended an initial six counselling sessions during one half term period scored an average reduction of 11.25 points on the GAD7 (General Anxiety Disorder) monitoring scale, where a score of 15-21 points = severe anxiety, 10-14 = moderate anxiety, 5-9 = mild anxiety and 0-4 points = normal anxiety. Two young people scored 0.

Deputy Head at Smith’s Wood Academy, part of the Fairfax Multi-Academy Trust

“Smith’s Wood Academy has been working with Aquarius and their counselling support service for over 12 months now. Vanessa, our Aquarius counsellor is superb. Her professional and calm approach ensures that the students that see her feel well supported from start to finish. Both students and parents have acknowledged the huge benefits of having access to such a comprehensive support system within school. As a school community, staff, students and parents have seen the advantages of having such a service place, with developments being seen in student’s well-being, confidence, academic progress and school attendance”.

Client - a step-parent that was struggling to cope with young person’s behaviour

“The support has been incredible. If I had not had this I can confidently say that I would not now be living at home.  I had plans to move out for the sake of my health and my sanity. I couldn’t cope and just wanted to walk away. That would have been terrible for Y.  But just having someone to talk to and help me see things in a new way and work out a way forward has made the difference for us all”.