Support sessions

What we offer

We offer 1:1 and group support, either on-site or at an agreed alternative location. We also deliver our support online and via telephone where appropriate.  

We develop referrals pathways, reporting arrangements, treatment, and confidentiality agreements in line with existing policies and processes to ensure effective integration of our services.

What happens next?

In most cases, our practitioner or triage team will receive a referral either as a management referral, occupational health referral or by self-referral (depending on referral process agreement with the employer). The referral will include information that supports the delivery of an initial assessment including; substance used, risks around work, self-reported level of use, client’s perception of issues, any relevant disciplinary proceedings.

The practitioner will then set up an initial assessment with the employee, which will lead into ongoing support sessions. The initial assessment includes signing of support agreement/contract, confidentiality and its limitations/sharing of information, risk assessment and risk management plan if required, goals and objectives determination with plan of action.

Engagement reports can be provided at various points throughout the support delivery.

The way forward

Once an outcome is reached, the employer will receive a final report on engagement.

We also deliver group support where appropriate.

The above approach happens alongside managed referrals with other relevant services where necessary and appropriate to do so.

37% of employees have admitted to taking alcohol or drugs to help deal with stress or pressure

Institute of Alcohol Studies