1:1 and group support

What we offer

We offer 1:1 and group support, either on-site or at an agreed alternative location, for a defined period of time to your employees or students. We develop referrals pathways and treatment and confidentiality agreements in line with existing policies and processes to ensure effective integration of our services.

Working with the individual

Individual psychological therapies tend to be used where problems being presented are more specific to an individual than present across a group. We use both low and high in tensity interventions.

Low intensity tends to focus on behaviour activation, relaxation techniques, structured exercise guidance, psycho-education, talking therapies, mindfulness and meditation. High intensity tends to relate to Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, which encourage working in the present moment rather than working with the source of an issue.

This approach seeks to recognise the internal dialogue at a given time and creates an understanding of the messages one sends to oneself and their associated feelings as a result. It then works on developing appropriate messages and responses. In the case of individual therapies we will make recommendations for the total number, frequency and duration of sessions.

All of the above happens alongside managed specialist mental health disorder referrals with strong connections in local services. We use a Stepped Care approach which allows us to use the appropriate level of intensity and to refer where necessary.

37% of employees have admitted to taking alcohol or drugs to help deal with stress or pressure

Institute of Alcohol Studies

Working with groups

We deliver group psycho-education and peer support facilitation to focus on a particular psychological concept or issue and then developing an understanding around identifying and responding in an appropriate way.

We focus on understanding issues (e.g. anxiety), identifying triggers and formulating appropriate adaptive behaviours. We tend to cover the neuro-physiology associated with this as part of the session. For example, this may be multiple staff experiencing high stress levels or multiple students experiencing anxiety.

The way forward

All of the above happens alongside managed specialist mental health disorder referrals with strong connections in local services. We use a Stepped Care approach which allows us to use the appropriate level of intensity and to refer where necessary.

Prices are available on application. Our income is invested in our existing charitable services. Thus, providing our services provides the dual benefit of supporting employees and serving the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.