Support for employers

support for employers

Do you need support?

Get in touch today to arrange your workplace needs assessment. We will spend up to a day with you  and provide you with a series of recommendations to move forward with.

We explore any existing issues and provide a comprehensive risk assessment for your workplace.

As part of this , we can hold conversations with;

  • Management and leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Occupational Health
  • Employees

This is a great opportunity to get to know our staff and begin your commitment to reducing the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling in your workplace.

Aquarius Life can help you to help your employees, and improve your workplace for all.

In today’s ever-more demanding society, few people are able to simply leave their problems at home when they come to work or leave the stresses and pressures of work behind them when they leave the office. Many people  use alcohol or drugs to help them cope.

It is becoming increasingly clear that these issues are common in the workplace and that there is often a lack of specialist support available as part of existing employee assistance measures. Our Aquarius Life workplace provision, provides Leadership, Human Resources, Occupational Health, Health and Safety and other functions with the practical tools to ensure that risk is managed and that the appropriate support is provided when it is needed. Our services are quick and hassle-free to implement and represent a low-cost, high impact return.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’s paper on workplace wellbeing states that prevention and early identification of problems, should save employers at least £8 billion per annum (UK).

Based on the premise that there is a defined correlation between psychological wellbeing and workplace performance. Robertson, 2011, states that per individual the estimated financial benefit of improving psychological wellbeing by a conservative amount is £1,201.

To add quantities for real business, making these improvements for 15% of those in a company’s workforce of 34,000 people equates to a productivity increase worth £6.1million.

Making these improvements for 15% of the UK working population equates to a productivity increase worth £5.6billion.

The CIPD Health and Wellbeing at work report, 2018, states that employers with a wellbeing initiative like substance misuse support have;

44% better employee morale & engagement and 31% lower sickness absence rate.

Amazingly, 60% of organisations do not yet have a wellbeing strategy.

We offer a choice of existing packages or a completely bespoke service.

Whether using the collaborative approach to putting a service together, or using standard existing service, real employer and employee needs are the primary focus of our support. Our operating model is flexible in meeting your need. Any combination of services can be purchased, and additional requests can be written up for delivery.

It is estimated that 1.5 million people are addicted to prescription and over-the-counter drugs in the UK. Many of these drugs can have a significant effect on performance, concentration or alertness.

Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace, TUC

how it works

In most cases when employers contact us, we arrange an initial meeting to discuss the issues that are presenting themselves in the workplace. Collaboratively, we produce a basic assessment of needs. In some cases, businesses know exactly what they want and move straight through to agreeing a delivery plan.

Once we have developed a workplace assessment of needs, we will produce a recommendation for the employer to look at. In most cases, this will cover various options at a range of price points.

Once the employer has decided on the level of support, we would meet to produce a service level agreement together. We would then produce an implementation plan and begin service delivery.

We offer a range of approaches to service evaluation that vary in depth and frequency.

Aquarius Life service seeks to provide employers with tools to support their employees’ wellbeing.

£7.3 billion loss to UK businesses due to alcohol-related sickness and loss of productivity Up to 17 million working days are lost each year because of alcohol-related sickness £1.4 billion loss due to drug misuse

Institute of Alcohol Studies

Our range of support

We offer the following;

Review Existing health and wellbeing policy/strategy

Write policies

Develop policy implementation plan

Support introduction of drug testing

Support amnesties for alcohol and drugs

Awareness campaigns

Training delivery

1:1 support programmes

Our services can;

  • Reduce workplace stigma relating to target areas and increase willingness to disclose challenges
  • Reduce unplanned absenteeism due to ease of access to support and interventions
  • Improve staff retention and reduce the associated recruitment costs (Human Resources (HR), training etc.)
  • Reduce supervision/management time spent addressing issues
  • Provide specialist guidance to managers for having conversations relating to the above issues
  • Provide specialist support to existing Occupational Health and HR teams
  • Increase workplace wellbeing and Health & Safety awareness relating to target areas
  • Improve employer confidence by providing visible employee support and assistance
  • Reduce incidents/accidents resulting in associated insurance benefits
  • Improve motivation of staff
  • Improve support for family members of people experiencing challenges.

We invest our income in our existing services to support your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

We are committed to providing a strong return on investment.

We offer affordable pricing and a range options for all types of businesses.

We are committed to a great customer experience for your business.