For an annual fee of £400+VAT you can become an Aquarius Life Advocate and have access to range of benefits and in turn help prevent the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling.

  1. Advocates receive a free consultation with Aquarius Life team about the workplace in question to make recommendations about how they can support staff effectively.
  2. Advocates receive free attendance to quarterly alcohol, drug and gambling employer forum chaired by Aquarius Life.
  3. Advocates receive free alcohol and drug policy advice (normally worth £400+VAT).
  4. Advocates receive 10 free drop-in access to initial exploratory conversations for employees (not a formal intervention, purely focused on general information provision and exploration of change).
  5. Advocates receive x1 free promotional awareness stand for 4 hours in their workplace.
  6. Advocates receive x1 free 2 hour taster workshop of their choice.
  7. Advocates receive 15% discount on all Aquarius Life services.
  1. A commitment that you will start a conversation in your workplace about alcohol, drug and gambling issues
  2. Introduce or revisit your alcohol and drug policy
  3. Post about Aquarius Life and the issues that we address on your social media channels once a month
  4. Introduce us to other businesses in your network to help spread the message about supporting employees with alcohol, drug and gambling issues
  5. Attend our employer forums quarterly
  • Raise awareness of alcohol, drug and gambling issues in the workplace
  • Encourage other employers to recognise the challenges behind the issues we work with and take positive practical steps in support of issues
  • Reduce the stigma attached to these issues and encourage people to come forward for support
  • Provide education to help prevent issues from arising
  • Use 1:1 support to help people understand their behaviours, and find alternative ways to cope
  • Help prevent and overcome the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling